A Practical Plan for Surviving Gambling Addiction

A Complete Guide for Gambling Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Gambling Addiction

Chapter 5

First Step – Therapy

The whys and hows of getting a therapist to guide your recovery.



How to Seek Therapy
YouTube search terms: how to seek therapy

Brief, simple, basic instruction on how to find a therapist. Worth 5 minutes of your time if you are trying to decide to start therapy.

Gambling Disorder and Suicide Ideation Ohio
YouTube search terms: gambling suicide ideation

Good overview, a little long. Intended for therapists in order to get them to understand the danger of suicides in problem gamblers and the imperative to explore suicide with their addicted gambling patients.


Articles and Websites:

You should see someone, a guide to doing therapy, Yukai Du, Huffpost Wellness Series
Web search terms: huffpost you should see someone

Excellent series of articles on why anyone who is dealing with mental/personality issues should seek therapy. The series covers everything you would like to know about therapy. Literally over a dozen articles – highly recommended!

Quote: “We want to normalize therapy and show you how to do it within your own life and budget. That’s why we’ve launched “You Should See Someone,” a guide that will teach you everything you need to know about doing therapy. The series is packed with informative, no-B.S. stories on how to seek help and embrace it once you do. Because you SHOULD see someone if you need to ? and there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from that.”

American Psychological Association Website
Web search terms: apa.org choose therapist

The APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the largest national groups for professional psychologists and researchers. They have many articles that can be of value
to you on this site. This article is good basic info about how to choose a someone to work with.

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