A Practical Plan for Surviving Gambling Addiction

A Complete Guide for Gambling Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Gambling Addiction

Chapter 4

Do You Want A future?

Surviving by not committing suicide is only half the battle – the addicted gambler needs to stop gambling. This chapter sets the story of recovery and how to do it.



A Day at a time Anonymous, Hazelden Publishing, 1976
The daily reflection and prayer books are a staple of most recovery programs. This one is one of the originals published by Hazelden for Gamblers Anonymous almost fifty years ago. Best bargain is to buy it used from Amazon. This version is very higher-power based, but if you do a general search for a daily meditation book, you will find every possible philosophy represented – from Stoic to Taoist, and everything else. I think these books are a helpful way to start your day with your recovery in mind. After all, recovery is forever, you need all the help you can get.

Chicken soup for the recovering soul Primary authors are Jack Caufield and Mark Victor Hansen, with help from many others, Health Communications Inc., 1998
I’m sure everyone is familiar with these books. This one is specifically for people in recovery. Focused on alcohol abuse and some drug abuse, so I found only a few of the stories to be helpful. Still, recovery is forever, this could be helpful to some of you. Again, find it used on Amazon.


Here is my strong recommendation regarding You Tube videos that interview recovering gamblers: STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Many of them use footage of slot machines as an intro to the video, and my belief is that none of them are very helpful. But the main reason to avoid them is that (for me at least) they are triggers, they generate immediate urges. Not worth it. Don’t do it.

Articles and Websites:

Daily Inspirational Messages
Web search terms: daily inspiration messages
Once again, there are maybe hundreds of choices of places that will send you an upbeat daily message. Be a little careful of who you choose, many are not reputable. Zig Zigler said this: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

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