A Practical Plan for Surviving Gambling Addiction

A Complete Guide for Gambling Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Gambling Addiction

Chapter 10


Mindfulness is good for everything, including gambling addiction.



Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Lehrhaupt and Meibert, 2017

There are a zillion books now on Mindfulness, this is one that I’ve read. A good intro into MBSR

Be here now Ram Dass, 1971
Back to the beginning (along with Alan Watts’ The Way of Zen, 1957) this is where us old folks got our first taste of Zen.

Quote: “No matter how high we got, we always came down.” A good reason to choose mindfulness over gambling – you don’t come down.


Just go to YouTube and search on “Mindfulness”. Watch a bunch of them, a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.


Articles and Websites:


They have the URL, so they must be important. You will find lots of info, links, books and other good stuff there.

A Web search on Mindfulness will also result in a Web gaggle of places to go.

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