A Practical Plan for Surviving Gambling Addiction

A Complete Guide for Gambling Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Gambling Addiction

Chapter 13

Urge Warfare

There comes a moment before a relapse when you are fighting the urge to go gamble. Every relapse begins with a dangerous loss in that difficult fight. This chapter will give you the weapons to win that potentially existential event.



The Secret to Self-Control, Jonathan Bricker, TedX Rainier, 2014
YouTube search terms: self control bricker

A Must watch. Bricker uses the term “willingness” to describe a way to fight urges. His “willingness” concept is similar to mindfulness and especially Marsha Linehan’s radical acceptance from DBT. I use his example of walking away from the urge – creating separation from the urge. Watch this video.

Articles and Websites:

Riding the Wave: Using Mindfulness to Help Cope With Urges, Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, 2011
Web search terms: riding the wave urge surfing https://portlandpsychotherapyclinic.com/2011/11/riding-wave-using-mindfulness-help-cope-urges/

A detailed instruction manual for learning mindfulness urge surfing

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